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1960 Sold Corvette Contact Chad for more info 330-452-5788
The seller of this cool Corvette is only the third owner of this beauty, and he’s owned her for over 30 years! He purchased her in November 1979 from the second owner…and the first owner bought her at Ewing Chevrolet around 1960 (this information was confirmed by the seller’s friend, who drove this car in 1960 or 1961).

The current seller does not have service records from the previous owners, but he has kept documents since he purchased it (scroll down and click on additional photos to see some scanned copies). Shortly after he purchased the car, he installed new carpet, seat covers, partial door panels, and dash pad, and also had various mechanical and maintenance items performed. The engine was rebuilt around 1990-1992 (see copy of invoice) and the transmission and rear end were inspected and needed wear items replaced. In 1981, she got a new radiator, and in 1984 a new clutch.

Vehicle Details
Stock #: Art R
Engine: V8
Transmission: Manual
Exterior Color: Sateen Silver
Interior Color: Roman Red
Miles: 46,847
Vin #: 00867S109508

Additional Details
[ Paint ] – The seller does not know the exact age or the type of paint, but it looks very nice for its age. It is fairly smooth and shines well. Sometimes the color silver can look very different at different angles; this Corvette’s silver seems to match fairly well. However, the soft top covering panel appears a tad darker at times…but it just may be the light.

Walking around the car (and being extremely critical), we detect a few light cracks in the paint on the left rear just outside of the hood and on the edge of the right headlight. There are some touched-up nicks on the front edge of the hood. Where the hood meets the body, there is chipped spot in the paint, and a little bit of cracking below the front emblem. There is a 6” area near the rear left edge of the hood with approx 15 – 20 bubbles under the paint.

The left front fender has a couple of nicks and light scratches, and also a couple spots that are to chip a bit. (Note: if you see black spots on this area of the car in the photos, it is just some road grime that kicked up).

The left door has a few light nicks, some abrasion, and road nicks on the bottom of the rocker. The left rear quarter has a little chipping around the gas tank filler and around the bumper mount. The trunk area looks like it may have a couple of chips down below the trunk release lock, and here and there. The rear right quarter has a few nicks. The right door has some nicks along the bottom edge and on the rocker. There is another at the top edge by the window frame. The right front fender is fairly clear of nicks, though there are a few on the lower portion (as well as a little road grime).

Scroll down and look closely at the additional photos (there are many photos of the body).

The seller tells us he remembers a scratch on the rear fender, and it was touched up in 1979 or 1980.

[ Body ] – Since the body is fiberglass, it is not as perfectly straight and correct as a steel bodied car would be. We see a little bit of waviness in the center of the hood and on the upper portions of the front fenders. The doors and the rear quarters seem to be a little straighter. The gaps in the doors, hood and trunk look fairly uniform (see photos).

[ Chrome/Bright Work ] – The bright work around the front windshield and surrounding side windows appears to be in very good order. There is a small amount of wear showing; including a small amount of light pitting on the T-shaped piece between the side windows and windshield. Most of this wear cannot be seen until you are about 3ft away from the car…and it could probably be buffed up to look a little nicer, too.

There is a little bit of pitting on the right side of the lower windshield molding. The door handles have very light pitting and the rear view mirror and mount have slightly more pitting. The bright work on the sides of the car looks nice and straight. It shows some light scratching, but that could probably be buffed out. There is also a light dimple in the driver’s door molding.

The bright work on top of the front fenders shows light wear and scratching, but it all looks complete. There is a little dimple near the left headlight, but the headlamp bezel and front Corvette emblem look fairly fresh. The grill work and surrounding chrome (including the front bumper) shows a fair amount of wear and pitting. You start to notice the wear and dents on the front bumper when you get about 15ft from the car. The rear bumper appears to be all in tact, but with quite a bit of pitting and scratching. The tail light bezels look nice, with just light pitting.

[ Glass ] – The windshield is nice and clear without any noticeable wiper damage. The side glass is in very nice condition, with just a little yellowing starting along the top edge of the side windows. The windshield has the initials PGP on it, and the side windows say Safety Plate by LOF. We did not see bulls-eyes, cracks, or noticeable deep scratches on the glass.

[ Top ] – Today was the first time the top has been up in over 10 years, according to the owner. After it sat in the sun for a little bit, we were able to fasten the top back down. The vinyl seems to be in tact, although it could use a little cleaning and dressing.

There is some cracking in the rubber molding that seals the top to the windshield (along the front edge).The rear window has light yellowing, but it is not terribly serious. The only real signs of wear are along the bottom right side by the corner. On the left side it looks like it rubbed somewhere. The coloring looks pretty good, and we did not notice any loose stitching. The top seems to have a lot of years left.

[ Interior ] – When the seller purchased this Corvette in 1979, he had some updating done at that time. The seller also said he freshened up the interior with new, old stock partial door panels, seat covers, carpet and dash panels.

Looking at the interior now, the seats show nicely and are in good condition. There is a little hole in the driver’s seat, but the coloring all looks good. The carpet is all intact and looks good; however, there is quite a bit of fading. Where your feet go is still pretty red, but up over the console and the outside edge, it looks more brownish red.

The visor covering does not show any damage and the backing inside is good and solid. There is no headliner – these cars did not have them. The dash seems to be in nice condition, with very little wear on the clear lenses, instruments, or the dash itself. The steering wheel does not show any noticeable large cracks or damage, and looks very presentable. Considering the age of this Corvette, all of the switches and knobs look really nice and only have a small amount of wear.

[ Trunk ] – Inside the trunk, there is a jack, wrench, and spare tire (which is the same size as the tires on the car now). This tire is the matching size, but was actually purchased with a new set of tires in 1979 or 1980 that were originally put on car. The mat and tools are included, as well as a box of parts (fuel filter pieces) and a light duty car cover.

[ Tires and Wheels ] – All 4 tires are Firestone gum dipped tires, size 6.70 – 15. They were just purchased by the seller in the summer of 2009. We did not see any aging or cracking, or notice any curb damage on the tires or wheels. The red on the wheels is starting to chip a little around the edges. The seller tells us they were repainted a year or two after he bought the car.

The hubcaps seem to match although some of the black paint on some center emblems is brighter than others (look at close up pics below). We did not see any significant damage to the caps, and overall, they look pretty correct and straight.

[ Engine compartment ] – The engine area is very neatly done (but could be dusted and detailed for show). The paint looks fairly fresh and it would take very little effort to bring it up a notch. We believe it closely resembles what the engine compartment would have looked like new. We did not notice anything in particular that looks “different”; other than the non-original style battery and the coolant system flushing fitting. We noticed there was a little coolant seepage where the top hose meets the intake manifold. We snugged up that clamp and hope it will resolve the issue.

Note: The seller tells us he believes his Corvette has the original engine, transmission, and drive train, but added he “can’t be sure” on the transmission and drive train. Scroll down and click to see up close photos below. We took lots of pictures of the codes on engine deck.

[ Chassis ] – The bottom side was left in a pretty natural state. The frame has light surface rust but we do not see any rust perforation or obvious rust repair. The floors look nice and straight, without any large “drive-over” damage. There is a light bracket that runs off the right side of the frame and attaches to the body panel. Some screws or rivets seem to have worked loose but that would be a minor repair.

[ Mechanical ] – We tested the following items and they were working at the time of the listing:

• Both window cranks

• Inside door releases

• Headlights (high and low)

• Left/right, front/rear turn signals

• Wipers turn on and off (washers have not been used in years...may just need fluid)

• Radio

• Horn

• Fan blower

• Fuel gauge

• Speedometer

• Tachometer

• Oil pressure is showing between 45 – 60 pounds

• Temperature gauge is operating around 180

The clock does not seem to work.

Note: On November 7, 2009, Chad and the mechanic who services the car took the additional time to investigate some of the numbers and codes on this Corvette:

1) Chad reconfirmed that according to our research, the CU code indicates the engine is a 270 HP.

2) The last digits of the vin verify the car was built in July 1960.

3) The CASTING number on the block is 3756519 and is casting number used on late 1958 through late 1961 engines. The date code on the right side of the back of the block is E2000.

4) The INTAKE MANIFOLD is 3739653, and is the correct casting number, per our research.

5) 3774692 and E280 is on both CYLINDER HEADS (see photos).

6) The DISTRIBUTOR is 1110891, which is also correct according to our data.

7) EACH HEAD has the GM initials with a “2” below it. The right side of each one has a 13 and what looks like an 18 – it is very small and hard to read.

8) The CARBURETORS verify that the front and rear Chevy and manufacturing numbers are different, and seem to be correct. The front carburetor manufacturer number is 2613S, and the front Chevy number shows 3741089 on the tags. The rear ones show 2614S and 3741090. On the front and rear tags, it looks like it says EO, which is the 5th month (May) of ’60. On front one, can tell on tag, there is an EO. On rear, also has EO (kinda looks like BO, but more like EO). According to our info, E is 5th month (May) of 60.

9) The COIL is 1115202, which does not match original. We suspect it is a replacement.

10) The GENERATOR says 1102043 with a space, then OF14 (which shows the correct number for 1960).

*Again, buyers are required to do their own research to confirm. Findings are not guaranteed. Please see pictures for your review. We have a copy of the original title, and it is not a duplicate title.

This 1960 Corvette steers extremely well; nice and tight. It does not pull left or right, and the drive train also works extremely well. The clutch operates nicely, and it shifts smoothly. The car stops well for 4 drum brakes. We did not feel any pulsation. When the engine starts, it sounds good and proper. It has a high performance cam and runs really well. The transmission also seems to operate as it was designed.


*All advertised prices exclude government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer document preparation charge, and any emission testing charge.

Click for larger image

Listing Features
CU engine code
2x4 BBL
AM radio with signal seeking
Interior lights
Windshield washers
Temperature controlled fan
Positraction (per trunk sticker)
4 speed transmission
Conditions of Sale
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